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Rose has been a psychologist for 15 years and possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience including working in private practice, as a court appointed counsellor for families and children, working in the area of Human Factors in high risk work environments such as mining and resource sectors and as a researcher/ educator.

Client Centred Therapy

Provides individual clients with a range of therapy modalities to address the following:

• Depression/anxiety

• Loss and grief

• Relationship problems

• Parenting issues
• Separation & divorce

• Gender issues

• Child development 

• Women’s health

FIFO Program (The Mental Health Tool Box)

Is designed to assist employees with in the resources sectors with the challenges of working in remote area locations. The FIFO Tool Box includes the following:

• Resilience building

• Debunking mental health myths

• Addressing common mental health conditions

• Stress management and relaxation techniques

• Psychoeducation related to the importance of connectedness to family, friends and community and healthy living choices

Rose adopts an integrative healthcare approach focussing on psychological, biochemical, environmental and the genetic predisposition that influences the health of each individual to restore psychological and physical wellbeing to each client. 

Rose is a member of the APS and is registered for Mental Health Care Plans, Chronic Disease Management Plans and private health rebates. Consults are an hour with concession available Add Roses days available and late and early appointments available on request.

Rose is available Tuesday to Thursday, late and early appointments are available on request.