Wellness for you and your family!

A Psychologist understands human behaviours and study the factors that influence the way people think, feel, act, interact and learn. Using this information and evidence-based strategies and interventions sessions with a Psychologist can help you overcome challenges and treat or prevent problems. The aim is to reduce distress and to enhance and promote emotional wellbeing.

Common reasons to see a psychologist include those with mental health disorders including anxiety and depression and those who are having difficulty with their emotions, thinking or behaviour. Common reasons to see a psychologist includes:

• Stress
• Depression
• Anxiety and Panic
• Self Esteem
• Relationship Issues
• Family Concerns
• Adolescent Behaviour
• Health and Well-Being
• Childhood Trauma
• Posttraumatic Stress
• Work-Related Stress and Career Issues
• Substance Misuse and other Dependencies
• Postnatal Depression
• Sexuality
• Chronic and Terminal Illness
• Grief and Loss
• Bereavement

The benefit of seeing a registered Psychologist is they use a range of treatments which are supported by research to help you lead a happier and more meaningful life. 
Psychology sessions are available for Medicare rebates if you are referred by your GP on a Mental Health Care Plan or a Chronic Disease Management Plan.